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Some words about me

Hello • My experience

I approach my clients as a holistic movement practitioner, meaning I use various techniques, such as Sport Massage Therapy; including Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Myofascial Release (MFR), Soft Tissue Release (STR), Trigger Point Release (TPR), Neuro-muscular Therapy (NMT) and Positional Release (PR) along with Corrective Exercises and Static, Dynamic & Fascial Line stretching in order to bring the body into balance.

Whatever your complaint or problem, don't hesitate to give me a call and we can discuss how massage could help you regain your mobility and freedom.

Call now on 07817 460 635 to make your appointment and start fulfilling your potential or reduce your pain.


Mission • Dont train in pain

I'm passionate about the capability and movement of the human body, not just as a quest for fitness, but for the fuel and freedom it gives to the physical and mental aspects of one's being. This is transferred very much into my work, as I use a wide array of appropriate treatment techniques to restore balance and maintain optimum condition.

Education is also an important part of Graeme's work, as he encourages people to experience their body as a unit of balance and function.

I'm a highly qualified professional and offer a friendly service, see the testimonials of the satisfied clients below.

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Satisfied clients

Highly recommended! Graeme is an all round professional taking time to listen and ensure that the treatment he undertakes is paramount in your healing process and provides a safe, comfortable environment to relax and regenerate. Thank you Graeme. Amazingly talented professional.

Nancy, Dance teacher. More Reviews

Graeme is an exceptional Sports Therapist whom I would highly recommend, not only is he professional, he makes you feel comfortable and welcome at all times. I've been seeing Graeme for treatment on my hamstring but he also gives me lots of help and advice on ways to improve my training and prevent injury.

Kim, Fitness enthusiast. More Reviews

Unbelievable! Cannot express enough Graeme's professionalism. Not only the treatment itself, but the explanations given in regards to why I lack range of motion in areas and flexibility in certain movements. On top of all that, easy to understand advice and instruction on how I can improve on these with specific exercises and stretches.

Jamie, Martial Artist. More Reviews

As someone drives quite often and works at a laptop, I was suffering from a painful upper back and found the lower back area stiff when training. After a couple of therapy sessions the back pain was't as frequent, however after driving 242 miles yesterday followed on by a tough training session I have had no back pain whatsoever. This has allowed me to improve my training capability as Graeme has also advised on exercises out-with treatment to assist with neck, shoulder and back movement. I would totally recommend Graeme for his knowledge and skill as a Sports Therapist. Excellent!

Jim, Back pain sufferer. More Reviews

Fantastic therapist with great communication skills. I expected massage treatment and some injury advice but Graeme helped me control my movements better. He put no pressure on me to do certain exercises at certain intensity levels then and there but emphasised the importance of doing them and how they will help my muscular issues in between visits. The fascial line stretching Graeme taught me is amazing, highly recommend checking this guy out, doesn't just massage you and take your money... offers something unique.

Murray, Football player. More Reviews

I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and nothing seemed to help, medication took the edge off the pain but still left me immobilised. Then a friend mentioned she had been to see Graeme and suggested I go see him too. The results have been amazing, my morning muscle stiffness has reduced by 80%, my general movement is greatly improved, even when I have a flare up, it's not nearly as bad and is more manageable. I would recommend Graeme 100%, he has given me the ability to live a more normal lifestyle to which I'm forever greatful.

Nicola, Fibromyalgia sufferer. More Reviews

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