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Get Flexible, Faster, with our Stretching Community!

Join our community, share your wins and get support from other stretchers.

Our classes are live, interactive, constantly evolving and never the same. Structured training starts 1st of every month. All this for only £45.

Daily mobility routines delivered direct and live to improve every aspect of your Flexibility, Mobility and Strength.

Detailed education and exercises from Graeme Temple qualified Sports Therapist, Biomechanics Coach and Martial Arts instructor with 20+ years of experience. Giving you the benefit of his extensive education and experience in the most effective way to get functionally flexible, faster.

Suitable for ALL.

Improve Flexibility, Mobility & Strength.

Accountability and Motivation.

1-2-1 guidance on your individual needs.

Develop Strength needed for practical flexibility.

Learn advanced stretching techniques.

Foam rolling tips and guidance.

Find out why your muscles are always tight.

Improve your overall flexibility.

Essential for all sports and reduce injury risk.

Nutrition tips from Carrie Temple Nutrition Coach 🥦 🥑 🍎


The cost is only £45 for this practical Flexibility, Mobility & Strength Challenge.

Free 20-minute stretching routine

Try a FREE session and get tips to improve your flexibility and do away with stiff, tight muscles and joints for good.

Learn how to loosen up stiff, tight muscles fast
Improve your sporting performance
Take your flexibility to a whole new level
Bonus Q&A session


So… you’re not sure if this is right for you? Worried you’re not going to get gains?

Don’t just take my word for it… see what others have said!

Before lockdown, I trained martial arts every day, incorporating some stretching and mobility but not spending any time trying to develop it as I believed it would all come from just training and also thought that it would use up too much of my training time that I’d rather use sparring, etc. I joined the challenge in May and got incredible gains, fast. I learned that like everything else, exercising smarter is more beneficial than exercising harder.

The biggest gains for me are pain-free increased range of motion in my hips and legs and less fatigue/quicker recovery in quads and hamstrings. My starting straddle (cold) was 90 degrees, upon completion I’m close to full split. Massive increases in front splits also. 😎

I’d highly recommend 👌🏼

Jamie Tervet

I joined the classes in May and have had brilliant results. Apart from getting a good improvement on the measuring tape, my range of movement and coordination has also greatly improved and I’m noticing a difference in my running style and stability.

I took June off as I had signed up to another fitness programme, intending on keeping up my stretching. I did manage, to a fair extent, with everything Graeme had taught us throughout the month, however, I really missed the group and the feeling of accountability that such a challenge gives you. It’s too easy to put off a workout when you’re doing it yourself!

Looking forward to seeing how close to the splits I can get this time! 😂

Siobhan Woodrow

I joined the first session in May with my wife just thinking we would do a few of the sessions but doubted if we could do every day for 30 days. After day 1 we were hooked and I have only missed 3 live sessions due to work since then. It is absolutely ace. We look forward to every day.

Graeme is a brilliant instructor, he makes it fun and enjoyable, he pushes us so we improve, he educates us through giving his knowledge and understanding and he gives us the tools do we can fly by ourselves. It has made so much difference, not just the stretching but improved energy, improved mobility, stability and control, more confidence in how I perform my martial art but most I can maintain the high performance for so much longer. It is a journey that we now want to continue for a long time.

I started with a straddle of 156cm which is now at least 173cm but have been out at 180cm and my front split of 164cm is now 180cm. Unbelievable since I am less than five months from my 60th birthday, showing age is no barrier.

Thank you, Graeme, for opening up a new world for us. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Chris Bird

I joined the 30 day challenge with Graeme for several reasons and under his instruction, I set myself a number of goals. I hoped to increase my flexibility when doing the splits, alleviate back pain and gain some overall knowledge on body movement. By day 10, I had already noticed a massive difference in regards to my back pain and my flexibility was improving. By the end of the challenge, I felt I had much better flexibility and body movement, which can be seen in my day 1 & day 30 stats. My back pain is a lot better now and I can continue to stretch and improve on a daily basis.

My Side Splits easily went from 128cm on day 1 to 140cm on day 30. This was a big improvement and Graeme was on hand with any queries and put my mind at ease.

Craig Forrest

I’ve done the 30 Day Stretching Challenge is May and June and both months have been amazing. Not only has my flexibility increased but the aches and pains have all but gone. Graeme has a wealth of knowledge that has helped me and made my every day stretching easier and allowed me to understand what my body needed and what stretches were best for my specific injuries. Graeme has made stretching easy to follow and fun with great results that are easy to build on.

I would recommend to all, flexible or not, aches and pains or not give it a go you won’t regret it. The changes I have seen over the past 2 months are phenomenal and have helped in all aspects of my fitness and training. Graeme’s knowledge and support is amazing, all stretches are shown clearly and demonstrated with adaptations where necessary, so as to include a wide range of ability.

Give it a go you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Lauren Erington

See more of our amazing reviews on our 30-Day Splits Stretch Challenge Facebook Page

how does it work?

Live daily Zoom video with Graeme leading the way

Recordings uploaded to Private Facebook Group for catchup

Follow along and ask questions

Progressions & Regressions based on your individual needs

Can all be done with no equipment

15-20 minutes per session

Monthly subscription so you never miss out

Sign up for success

Our monthly subscription is constantly evolving and is never the same. Ditch those repetitive stale impersonal workouts and get tailored, individual and details instruction. Join our community and share your wins and get support from other stretchers. 

When are the live sessions?

Monday 12.00
Tuesday 18:30
Wednesday 08:00
Thursday 12:00
Friday 18:30
Saturday 09:30
Sunday 18:00

What if I miss the live session?

All daily live videos are recorded and uploaded to the private Facebook Group straight after the live session, so you’ll be available to watch it if you miss the live broadcast or if you want to go back and revisit. 

You might be thinking

“I don’t want to be more flexible”

But I’m guessing what you actually want it:

   Less daily stiffness and tightness  
   Pain-free range of movement  
  To feel stronger and more mobile   
   Feel less tiredness and fatigue   
   Be better at your chosen sport or activity  


Well, that’s exactly what this is about! The motivation, accountability and skill set needed to achieve better results.


Sport specific benefits:

Front & Side Split development with Martial Artists in mind

Improve your kicking and stances

Improved Running Biomechanics

Reduced fatigue for endurance athletes

Better hip and posture control for Grappling sports

More flexibility means easier to finish submission techniques

Great flexibility makes you more difficult to be submitted

Increased rotation for Golfers

Faster club head speeds with greater accuracy

Are you struggling with stiff Hips and Lower Back Pain?

It can have a huge impact on how feel, affects your sleep and how you move in the gym.

But did you know that you don’t have a bad back?

You just have a sensitive back!

And you don’t have to suffer in pain… You can address and get rid of it!

Join the membership and benefit from classes focusing on Strength and Mobility needed to be pain-free.

“I really regret getting stronger and more flexible…”
…said no one, ever!


Sports Therapist, Biomechanics Coach & Martial Arts Instructor

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